List of Handy Python Links for the Padawan Learner


Programming is my principal occupation and one of my obsessions. For the last 12 years or so, my scripted language of choice has been Perl. As programming languages go, it is starting to show its age. Here’s an interesting graph of language popularity based on github checkins. Now that there are over 26,000 98,000 python modules, you can pretty much do anything in Python. So a while ago, I decided to retool my brain to think in Python.

With that, here is my collected list of useful Python-related things I have found out on ye old Interweb.

Update 2017: Here’s another list of python tutorials

Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition. Essentially A list of guided homework assignments. I like this approach

A Beginner’s Guide To Programming Languages – While not python-specific, this is an excellent resource for someone just starting out

Pythontutor. Visualizes the data structures as you code them. Pretty cool.


IBM developerWorks has a bunch of Python articles.


Tuples, Lists and Dictionares. Python’s 3 basic data structures.


An Introduction to Python Lists. The data structure type that probably gets used the most.


Python Tutorials. A bunch of them. (What’s with the girl ?)

Google’s Introduction To Python

PyPI – the Python Package Index. You can do anything with Python because of the wealth of Packages available.


Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages.


Configuration for setting up Vim to work with PythonStyleGuide. Useful if, like me,  Vi is your Editor of Choice.


The best Python IDE’s you can use for development. For people who prefer modern IDEs


Python Sending Email using SMTP. Who doesn’t want to send a little robo-mail ?


PyGTK. The way to create multiplatform GUIs in Python.


Chirp is a complete PyGTK application for programming amateur radios.


A better way to process binary data in Python.


Python Cheat Sheet. A handy programming reference card for Python


Python Books. If you prefer actual books.


Debugging in Python


Python Module of the Week. A bloggy tour of some Python modules.


Easy Install. How you add Python Packages to your system


Python Podcasts.


Nullege is a search engine for Python source code. When google isn’t enough.


Working with Python subprocess – Shells, Processes, Streams, Pipes, Redirects and More


Learning Python.  A real book. Sample Chapter 9: Common Tasks in Python


Python-script. A skeleton example of what well-styled python script might look like


Pylons Project.  A Python web meta framework.


Django. Django is a Python-based web framework. Might be good for a total green-field project.


Ajax Form Submission in Django. This is a rabbit hole I briefly went down.


Twisted – Python-based network engine.


An sshv2 implementation in Python written w/Twisted